Our overriding goal is to provide the commercial construction sector with green technologies that address strategic issues like: Overall performance and efficiency, Operational costs, Durability, Flexibility, And target environmental protocols.


Our mission is to develop and offer integral logistics solutions to our clients, satisfying their need in a fast, safe, personal and cost-effective manner as if they were our very own.

Meeting the needs of the Aerospace and Aviation Industry requires sophisticated solutions, exceptional quality control processes, and a commitment to delivering value to clients dealing with budgetary and time constraints. Polytec Supply LLC is ready to meet those needs, providing the best parts in Defense and Civilian Aerospace & Aviation sectors.

Leading the way in
green solutions

The resulting product offers significant advantages over existing competitor technologies. These include the capacity to reduce and improve maintenance cycles while boosting cost-effectiveness and performance ratios and combatting the carbon footprint generated by ash waste and the cement industry.

Our advanced additive and binder can also help projects secure valued Carbon Credits and LEED points, and meet stringent IBC protocols.



As a pioneer of green technologies, we believe it is our duty to assist the commercial construction sector in building a better future. Partner with us today by becoming an industry leader.