From exploration, development, exploitation and export, Polytec Solutions Group is committed to provide the highest operational and quality control methods delivering high standard product.


Polytec Solutions Group created mining companies in Brazil and its main business is the exploration, development , exploitation and export of Manganese Ore originating from Brazil to the main market around the world. Expecting to reach full production and export capabilities of 150,000 metric tons by the end of 2022, Polytec Solutions Group, through its subsidiaries, will surely be placed in a position as one the main Manganese Ore producers and exporters in the country.

Polytec Solutions Group mines on its own licensed reserves, controlling all steps of the process from: extraction to blending , standardizing the mineral and finally exporting to its clients.


Polytec Solutions Group is focused on developing a strong position in the scrap metal market (railways, rebars, steel plates, etc.) in the next few years. Working directly with the biggest sources of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap around the world, Polytec Solutions Group assures steady large volume supplying basis capabilities. Understanding the scrap metal recycling market behavior, Polytec Solutions Group is always taking right steps to be prepared to follow the speed of marketing that grows about 4.20% per year. Ferrous metals are inherently recyclable. Polytec Solutions Group understands main benefits of the scrap metals market in the steel industry such as : reducing the overall cost of production, in order to minimize the consumption of energy and require less mining of ores, which provides cost benefits to metal manufacturers, and significantly reduces carbon emissions and landfill waste.



We pride ourselves on being a forerunner in representing green technologies and sustainable methods for the mining sector.  Join us today and become an industry disruptor in your own right.