Water Treatment

Our mission is to provide a simple, safe, and eco-compliant treatment for the in-situ remediation of contaminated soil and water. Polytec’s treatment has application potential across multiple industry sectors like petroleum fracking, mining, and more which use heavy metals and harsh chemicals in their daily processes.


The water treatment is formulated to react with inorganic materials and highly toxic water and can be used in the remediation of lakes, rivers, pools and open waterways making them suitable for reuse and recreational activities.

When used to treat soil, the same bio-compatible product acts to remove contaminants like heavy metals, asbestos, mercury, cyanide, pesticides, and other inorganic substances, producing pure oxygen and water as a by-product, and rendering the soil and adjacent aquifers fit for agricultural and related purposes.


This cutting-edge remediation technology has far-reaching and positive consequences for the environment. What’s more, Polytec’s in-situ soil and water treatment can be prepared to meet your industry-specific needs.

For full details regarding our bench testing, field pilots, and prototyping protocols, please contact our technical support division. Polytec’s professional staff is always ready to assist you to achieve your soil and water remediation goals.



We understand how difficult it is to find a trustable supplier that will provide all your company needs, this is how we commit ourselves to provide high quality services and maximize benefits by providing novel solutions and by continuously improving our operation’s quality management.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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